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Tranquility of Nature: Spring Bouquet Tips with Jana Mendenhall of Bohicket Blooms

Spring bouquets bring out the vibrancy of the season in our homes at Kiawah River. We’re thankful that Jana Mendenhall of Bohicket Blooms is here at Kiawah River Farms where she delivers fresh flower arrangements to neighbors through the Community Sourced Agriculture Program (CSA). Designing your own bouquet may seem intimidating, but Jana’s intuitive touch can be followed to prepare a flower design. You’re on your way to crafting the perfect colorful accent to your home.

Jana’s natural appreciation for flowers is began during her time living in Pescadero, California where she grew her own food and flowers.  When she moved to Johns Island to be closer to family two years ago, she started her journey with Bohicket Blooms. Her flower field is now harvested inside Kiawah River’s trails, revealing a lush garden of diverse species and colors. Jana is dedicated to planning and preparing the patches before each season, predicting the perfect bloom time while patiently tweaking her practices as nature takes the reigns. She shares beautiful blooms to Kiawah River residents, a wonderful touch to our CSA baskets, and you can order bouquets at 

Jana picked a few of her blooming flowers for a spring bouquet she prepared at a Kiawah River home, revealing her intuitive and specific methods of designing a balanced and detailed design. 

Follow Jana Mendenhall’s flower garden through @bohicketblooms and visit to pick out your fresh bouquet!