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Wildflower Meadows Update for Winter!

Have you noticed how lush and beautiful the landscapes along Kiawah River Parkway have become?  

Jeff Snyder, our Chief Environmental Officer, is lovingly managing the wildflower meadows to enhance their beauty and their habitat conditions for wildlife.  

Toward this end, Jeff will implement a No Mow Zone in our meadows until the spring. Allowing our safe green spaces and flowers to grow naturally is beneficial to our non-human residents at Kiawah River, including our friend Tim the Owl who was recently photographed overlooking this very area. 

Not only will Tim be able to continue hunting for his favorite food of mice and other small critters in this natural area, but the No-Mow Zone will also provide areas for our butterflies, moths and a whole host of other beneficial insects to better survive the winter. 

We will start mowing again in early spring, allowing these great pollinators (and overall cool bugs) plenty of time to come out of hibernation. Our built-up native flower and grass seeds will also be able to hit the ground running for spring. 

And if you see Tim the Owl taking advantage of our natural landscaping practices, grab a photo and share with us. He’s very photogenic!