Meet Your Neighbors: Kiawah River Resident Q&A with Peggy Van Antwerp

We sat down with future resident Peggy Van Antwerp, who shared with us why she and her husband are packing their bags in Connecticut and making the move down south to Kiawah River.

How did you first hear about Kiawah River? 

A friend from our hometown in Connecticut who also has a home on Kiawah Island sent us a newspaper article in April of 2018 about a new community being developed on Johns Island.  He knew we had been looking for a place in Charleston for several years, and we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Will Kiawah River be your primary/secondary/tertiary residence?

Kiawah River will be the full-time residence for myself and my husband, Bill, as we are now empty nesters!

Where is your current primary residence?

My husband and I, along with our four children have lived in Madison, Connecticut, for 21 years.

Where are you and your spouse from originally?

I was born and raised in Connecticut and have never left – a life-long Yankee! Bill was born in California and moved to Connecticut when he was a child. After college in New Hampshire and a couple of years working in Chicago, Bill moved back Connecticut and has lived here ever since.

What was your first impression of Kiawah River?

I thought it was such a beautiful and peaceful place. I could immediately see myself spending the next chapter of my life in this new community-to-be.  I loved that we would be so close to nature, yet still a short drive to the city of Charleston.

Why did you choose to purchase property at Kiawah River?

We had been looking to purchase a home in the Charleston area since 2012. We’ve come close a couple of times to buying something, but for one reason or another, we were never able to pull the trigger on any of the properties. Until recently, the idea of building a home was not on our radar. After seeing the plans for the Kiawah River community, we knew we finally found the home option that we had been searching for.

"I thought it was such a beautiful and peaceful place. I could immediately see myself spending the next chapter of my life in this new community-to-be."

What type(s) of property did you purchase at Kiawah River?

We’re building our dream home in the Jack Island neighborhood. We’re just a short walk away from Oak Park, the riverfront and all of Kiawah River’s amenities!

What are you most excited for at Kiawah River?

We’re really looking forward to being surrounded by all the natural beauty that Kiawah River has to offer. The farm, the nature paths and the waterways adhere to our lifestyles. We’re also excited to build our new home from the ground up and meet all our new neighbors.

What do you and your family enjoy doing in your spare time?

We love going to the beach, traveling, exercising, golfing, boating and trying out new restaurants. So, I think we’ll be in the perfect location to do what we love!