Meet Your Neighbors: Kiawah River Resident Q&A with Katherine Verano

The Veranos family will be moving to Jack Island in the Butterfly Garden Cottage.

The staff here at Kiawah River has been as busy as our honeybees welcoming the community’s first residents.

As part of our ongoing community introduction, we sat down with future resident Katherine Verano, who described to us why she and her family decided to call Kiawah River home.

How did you first hear about Kiawah River?

We first heard about Kiawah River from friends of ours.

Will Kiawah River be your primary/secondary/tertiary residence?

Our Kiawah River home will be our secondary residence.

Where is your current primary residence?

Our family currently lives in Mount Pleasant, which is located just over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge from downtown Charleston.

Where are you and your spouse from originally?

I grew up not far from Kiawah River in Berkeley County, South Carolina. My husband, Nick, is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

What was your first impression of Kiawah River?

Kiawah River immediately reminded me of where I grew up, where we would spend hours outside exploring the woods at my grandparents’ house going fishing, crabbing, boating and just spending as much time on the water as we could. To find this much unspoiled nature still in the Lowcountry was such a surprise and a true delight. It just felt like “home” to me.

Why did you choose to purchase property at Kiawah River?

My husband and I both felt a sense of peace whenever we visited Kiawah River, and we wanted our son to grow up having the same experience I had as a kid – the freedom to explore nature and to grow up on the water.

What type of property did you purchase at Kiawah River?

We purchased one of the Butterfly Garden Cottages on Jack Island – it’s the perfect size for us. It feels like a treehouse overlooking the Oak Park and we can’t wait to move in!

What are you most excited to experience at Kiawah River?

First and foremost, the great outdoors! The natural aspect of the Kiawah River lifestyle really appealed to us. We’re excited about the amenities, and we also love that the community remains largely untouched. Additionally, the proximity was a great bonus for us. We look forward to spending summers, long weekends with family and friends, holidays and birthdays at Kiawah River. We already love the people we’ve met and look forward to meeting more as the community grows.

What do you/your family enjoy doing in your spare time?

We love to travel, cook, exercise, go to the beach and visit my parents at their lake house.