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Living Outdoors: The Art of Forest Bathing at Kiawah River

Kiawah River’s natural amenities allow for an endless array of outdoor pursuits, from fishing and hiking to waterfront picnics and a new activity you may have never heard of – Forest Bathing. Not exactly as it sounds, Forest Bathing is the Japanese practice that invites you to slow down, unplug and immerse yourself in the forest’s serene embrace. It’s more than just a walk in the woods, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature and experience its healing benefits. 

At Kiawah River, this practice finds its perfect sanctuary. The community’s natural surroundings provide the ideal backdrop for first-time and experienced forest bathers. Towering oak trees draped in Spanish moss, winding creeks and an abundance of wildlife create a haven for those seeking relaxation from life’s everyday demands.  

One of the core principles of Forest Bathing is engaging all five senses. At Kiawah River, this experience is heightened by the diversity of the landscape. Feel the riverfront breezes on your skin, listen to the songs of the hundreds of species of birds, inhale the salty air and earthy scent of moss-covered maritime forest floors and observe the vibrant hues of green and blue that surround you. Outdoor activity has never been this peaceful.  

Whether you’re a seasoned forest bather or a curious newcomer, consider taking a step off the beaten path this fall and let Kiawah River’s maritime forests embrace you!