Kiawah River’s Healthy Lifestyle

Staying well at Kiawah River is easy.

With over 15 miles of nature trails throughout the woods and along the water at Kiawah River, there’s no need to “fit in” exercise – you’ll want to spend your evenings strolling through nature, and you’ll be happier for it. One study looked at the effect nature had on our mood and overall. No surprise there, we are happiest when we’re outside and when we build nature into each day. Even just filling your home with a few house plants lifts your mood. The nature trails offer an ideal way for you to get outside as you could walk these trails for months and never walk the same expanse twice.

Each walk is different out at Kiawah River; each run is unique. The nature trails on the property weave wellness effortlessly into your day by winding through the maritime forest as well as along the creeks and riverbanks of the Kiawah.

Not only will your body feel better, but so will your mind. Nature doesn’t just have mood-boosting benefits. People think more clearly when they have time to walk and be outside too. Song birds along the trail flit between trees, and the nesting eagles on the property soar over the water looking for their seafood dinner. Even if you do walk the same trail each evening, it’ll never be the same experience twice.

In addition to winding nature trails, Kiawah River will have a fitness course around the Jack Island Reservoir. Whether you’re looking to improve your wellness with a relaxing stroll or an integral workout, the reservoir trail will have what you need. With stations throughout the loop, you can keep your heart rate up with a circuit workout of sprints, pull-ups, jumping jacks, or by learning a new exercise – one that is designated at each station. Another way to experience nature and calm your mind at Kiawah River is by paddle boarding or kayaking through the creeks on the property. Residents and visitors alike can also enjoy sunrise yoga along the river. Escaping the bustle of the city for the serenity of the marsh is a way to recharge and unwind after a hectic day.

In the colder months, you can move your workout indoors to the Swim Club at Jack Island Village. With state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a pool, your wellness and fitness goals can stay on track all year long. The Swim Club will also offer group fitness classes, so those living and visiting Kiawah River can stay motivated in a group. Wellness is more fun at Kiawah River!