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Charleston Artists Interpret Kiawah River’s Story

Kiawah River’s Farmhouse and Cookhouse have been transformed into cozy art galleries where you’ll find curious and vibrant expressions of life along the river, hand-selected by women of The Charleston Artist Collective. CAC is an online gallery of original artwork by the local visual arts scene, which hosts shows around Charleston annually.

From the luscious marsh to the wildlife and river creatures, every painting represents a different element of our biodiverse Lowcountry.

Allison Williamson’s handful of visits to Kiawah River left an impression on her. Founder and owner of Artist Collective, Allison and council member Anne Pope soon joined with four other artists to curate artwork representative of their experience of the land.

Her keen eye for organic colors helped in selecting pieces cohesive with Kiawah River’s aesthetics. The artwork is on loan by the following creatives: Anne Darby Parker, Chelsea Goer, Emily Brown, Tammy Medlin, Lynne Hamontree and Janie Ball.

For now, these pieces are a temporary gift for our visitors to enjoy. This is just the beginning of artwork inspired by life along the river. We hope these artists and more will continue to translate their joy of sea islands living into art.

Feature photo by Kirk Robert Chambers