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Autumn Art En Plein Air with Natalie Taylor Humphrey

One misty morning, Kiawah River welcomed local artist Natalie Taylor Humphrey for an art en plein air session. Walking through Kiawah River Farm’s dewy meadow, Natalie listened to the belted galloway cows crunching on the grass, the bleating baby goats waking up their mothers, and the flocks of birds passing overhead on their morning journey. The hues of an autumn sunrise lit the way for Natalie as she gathered inspiration, searching for a spot to paint  

The “en plein air” concept seemed fitting for painting at Kiawah River, especially as the fall season arrives. I knew I had to go at dawn to begin my artistic process. I hoped for fog… and there it was. It’s such a sublime time of day when you can feel completely immersed in nature. The road leading into the heart of Kiawah River was teeming with art inspiration; from creek views with fog rolling over the marsh, to the fields of wildflowers, crop, and cows. 

"The road leading into the heart of Kiawah River was teeming with art inspiration; from creek views with fog rolling over the marsh, to the fields of wildflowers, crop, and cows."

After sketching for a bit, I used pastels and water-based paint to begin painting on wood-panel and raw canvas. The natural materials picked to reflect my experience. My color palette consisted of neutrals against pops of vibrant colors, like a pink spoonbill against a grey sky, an orange wildflower in a patch of sun-bleached grass, or a white dress in a meadow.  

Without a doubt, nothing will ever compare to painting with goats frolicking about. ‘Minnie’ [the goat] was a lover and ‘Max’ [the goat] was an art lover — he kept jumping up to paint at my easel! Ahh, the sounds too! The chirping birds, cicadas humming, pluff mud popping in the creek, my brushes of paint on canvas and my pastels tapping on the wood panel; all added to the romanticized painting process. It was a sunrise to remember. 

  -Natalie Taylor Humphrey  

Under a canopy of oak trees, Natalie set up her easel by the edge of a creek. She could watch the herons, fish, and the occasional spoonbill that would fly by. The goats from The Goatery at Kiawah River Farm played in the muhly grass as they snacked on a branch and sniffed around Natalie’s easel. Natalie paused every so often, scooping them up in her arms or patting their heads before she went back to painting.  

On stretched raw canvas, Natalie’s pastels and water-based paint captured the scene. Natalie’s art was a window into a morning at Kiawah River, creating a memorable scene depicting everyday life at Kiawah River. 


It was an honor to welcome Natalie Taylor Humphrey and Samantha Jean Becker to Kiawah River. Please visit their websites and social media channels as you continue to support Charleston’s beloved artists.   


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