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5 Ways Bicycling Can Improve Your Health

Research for this article came from in this BikeRadar article from January 6, 2020 

There is a nostalgic pleasure in riding your bike, reminiscent of simpler times where inspiration was found outdoors, chasing childhood curiosities through winding trails and forests, separated from modern-day distractions. At Kiawah River, it’s no different. Through the 20 miles of waterfront trails and beyond, you can capture the peace of Johns Islands’ serene landscape while improving your health with this classic pastime. Here are 5 ways cycling benefits your well-being:

Boosts immunity 

Cycling generates immunity cells in the body by making them more active. These cells work to fight off infections, and exercise naturally produces more, helping build your own personal defense against viruses and infections.

Sharpens your memory

This exercise accelerates the amount of blood flow to your brain, encouraging the production of new brain cells that combat age-related memory loss. Riding your bike also helps register your attention on a new environment and rejuvenates your mind. Building awareness as you glide along pathways, you’ll find your mind being able to focus more acutely on things rather than feeling distracted.

Creates happiness through connection

Whether you’re riding with yourself through a mindful bike ride, or joining your spouse, family or friends, this activity gives you a chance to connect. It’s easy to be happy when you’re riding along with people close to you, surrounded by large live oak trees or overlooking the bright green marsh. Creating connections is simple to do when you’re spotting wildlife, talking, or just experiencing the sea island breeze with others.

Helps with Healthy Digestion

Cycling helps soften your stool and decreases the amount of time it takes to digest your food. Although comical, this is helpful for those who live a mainly sedentary lifestyle and don’t have opportunities to be active at work. Aerobic exercise is a natural form of keeping your body on track, and cycling is an easy way to do it!

Tones muscles and increases metabolism

Without even realizing it, you could be building muscle and a stronger metabolism as you enjoy this easy pastime. Cycling strengthens your body with repetitive exercises that work the quadriceps and hamstrings in the upper leg and the calf muscles. Your metabolic rate will also improve, burning calories and fat well after your workout as the body responds to this aerobic exercise.


Discover Kiawah River by bike, or take your journey to nearby spots like Freshfields Village or Kiawah Beachwalker Park. Enjoy the relaxation of an easy exercise that can unravel your thoughts, lead you to new sights and give you the benefits of exercising without realizing it. We believe finding creative ways to be active is essential to creating a well-balanced life, and cycling is an amazing way to spend time with those who matter to you while outdoors.

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Happy adventuring!