Wild Abandon: Save your Sundays to Splurge at Kiawah River

(Scroll through our photos by Marni Rothschild)

What better way to spend a day than to escape to the outdoors in the Charleston sea islands for the afternoon? Engage all of your senses in a fresh take on an age-old Lowcountry pastime  – the oyster roast.

The vistas across the lawn by the river’s edge are always a sight for sore eyes, where friends and families shared the shade of grand old oak trees at Kiawah River’s Sunday Social Oyster Roast, on March 31st. The air was filled with delicious aromas of Coastal Crust’s wood-fired pizza, and artful, bright orange Bloody Marys from Naturally Blonde served double duty as craft cocktails and consumable works of art.


Notes from the bluegrass band’s banjo swirled around the oyster tables at the center of the party. Shuckers compared their delight with the size and flavor of each oyster opened, like tiny gifts from the briny creeks. And actually, they were. Hand-raised with tender care, courtesy of Lowcountry Oyster Co. The oyster tables made fertile ground for fellowship, inviting easy interaction for forming new friendships.


There were activities for everyone, the foodie, the playful, the naturalist. Children were climbing trees and playing cornhole, dogs were greeting each other with wagging tails and curious noses, couples walked by the river’s edge, watching fish bubble to the surface at high tide, creating ripples that gently mirrored the soft glow of the sun as it rolled down slowly.

By dusk, the joy of being outdoors in the peace of nature was reflected in the smiles of our friends, team members, families and partners. We hope you’ll join us for more moments of wild abandon like these at Kiawah River.


(Scroll through our photos by Marni Rothschild)