Three Gates Cattle Company Launches Website

Here at Kiawah River, we are incredibly grateful for all our farming partners who maintain the health of our land and ecosystem, helping support our community as the Lowcountry region’s first agrihood.  

Through the Kiawah River Wildlife Conservancy, led by Chief Environmental Officer Jeff Snyder, Kiawah River welcomed Three Gates Cattle Company (3GC) to its backyard in 2019, nurturing a perfect marriage between wildlife conservation and a farm-to-table culinary experience. 

Most recently, 3GC launched its new website, offering family recipes, Belted Galloway beef resources and additional information on the company and its organic methods. Website visitors can also sign up for 3GC’s waiting list to purchase its annual beef products, which are dry aged at a controlled temperature, professionally trimmed, vacuum sealed, frozen and packaged individually to preserve the juices and optimal flavor. 

Specializing in breeding purebred Belted Galloways, or “Belties,” 3GC was originally founded in 1982 at Seaside Farm Proper in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Today, 3GC’s organic Belted Galloway beef cattle are grass-fed on 18 acres of shaded, creek-side pasture at Kiawah River and given the highest possible standard of care in accordance with the Global Animal Partnership’s Five-Step Animal Welfare Rating. 

The cattle raised at Kiawah River remain on the pasture throughout their life cycle, resulting in healthier, leaner beef without any added hormones. In general, beef from local cattle is more nutritious and flavorful, as transporting cattle can lead to increased stress, which negatively affects quality and nutritional value. 

Aligned with Kiawah River’s goal to deliver organic and sustainable products to the community, 3GC is a cherished part of our Kiawah River family. Learn more about them today at