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Notes from Nature: The Best Wildflowers for Floral Arrangements

While fall décor typically includes pumpkins, pinecones and gourds, there’s nothing like a bouquet of wildflowers to bring a sense of coziness and a touch of autumn into your Kiawah River home.

The lush Lowcountry is a haven for nature enthusiasts and flower lovers, especially during the fall months when dozens of varieties of wildflowers bloom and paint the landscapes with vibrant colors. These flowers not only enhance the natural beauty of their environment but also make for captivating floral arrangements, whether embellishing a dining table, gracing a mantlepiece or being gifted to a host.

To assist you in creating the perfect floral décor, we put together a selection of our favorite sea island wildflowers to lookout for this season.

Sea Lavender: Sea lavender, also known as Carolina sea lavender, is a captivating wildflower that thrives along rivers’ shores. Its delicate clusters of small lavender or white flowers sit atop slender stems, making for an excellent choice for adding height and texture to your floral arrangements. Its airy appearance acts as a wonderful filler flower that can bring a touch of the coastal landscape to your creations.

Marsh Pink: The vibrant blooms of the marsh pink create a stunning contrast against the Lowcountry’s green marshes. With their bold hue and unique shape, these star-like flowers are sure to catch the eye and serve as focal points in your bouquets.

Goldenrod: Goldenrod is a cheerful wildflower that graces the meadows and grasslands of the sea islands. Its bright yellow color brings warmth and radiance to any arrangement. Additionally, goldenrod’s feathery appearance can add an element of softness and movement to your creations.

Aster: Asters are true stars of the fall wildflower show in the Charleston region. With their profusion of dainty, daisy-like blossoms in shades of lavender, pink, and white, asters’ delicate blooms carpet gardens, fields and woodlands.

Wild Iris: The wild iris showcases a mesmerizing blend of colors, ranging from deep purples to delicate blues and whites. Wild irises can add a touch of sophistication to your floral arrangements, perfect for formal occasions and house gatherings.

These native blooms are sure to infuse your home with Southern charm and natural elegance, captivating all who enter this season.