Notes from Nature: How to Catch Your Dinner at Kiawah River

Many Southerners are quick to share with you their deep affection for fishing – the serenity and ritual that are so often passed down from generations before ours. And while they might not offer up their beloved fishing holes, the residents at Kiawah River luckily have exclusive access to some of the Lowcountry’s best spots right outside their front doors.  

Although fishing isn’t always as simple as dropping a line in the water, the Kiawah River is home to dozens of species that make your chances of reeling in something delicious much higher, especially with the right research and preparation. 

Whether you’re craving red drum, flounder, sea trout, largemouth bass or crab, the Kiawah River offers an abundance. But before you can catch your own dinner, we’ve put together some basics that will prepare you for any fishing journey.  

Choose the right bait. The type of bait you use will depend on the fish species you are targeting. Live bait such as shrimps, crabs and minnows will give you the best chance of catching redfish or trout due to their natural appearance, movement and scent they give off to surrounding fish.  

Know the tides. The Kiawah River is a tidal river, so understanding tidal patterns is critical in catching fish. Fish tend to be more active in warmer water and during incoming tides, as the water brings in food and nutrients.  

Use different techniques. Trying different fishing techniques, including drifting, trolling and casting, allows you to target and attract many different types of fish. 

Be patient! Fishing requires patience and persistence, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t catch something right away. The Kiawah River is home to spots such as marshes, creeks and estuaries, that provide thriving environments for many types of fish.  

In the off chance you have a slow fishing day, Kiawah River is a short drive from some of the Lowcountry’s best fish markets, including Simply Seafood and Blackbird Market.  

Or if you want to learn from the best, sign up for one of Fly Right’s Fishing Charters with Captain John Irwin who will take you to the top spots while sharing insight and skillful techniques. A fishing charter is also a great idea for future residents to experience the fishing spots that our current residents enjoy. 

Regardless of how or where you get out to drop a line, make sure you have a current South Carolina fishing license. You can find all you need to know on SCDNR’s website.  

The options are endless when it comes to fishing at Kiawah River. Happy summer and happy fishing!