New Kids on the Block: 60 Baby Goats Born at the Kiawah River Farm

Photos by Elizabeth Barry

Kiawah River Farm welcomed 60 new baby goats this month, adding goats of all colors to The Goatery, Kiawah River’s goat farm!

At Charleston’s first agrihood, our goats are not only adorable farm animals, but they also deliver fresh goat cheese in Kiawah River’s “farm-to-table” neighborhood.

A walk down the neighborhood trails offers the unique opportunity to greet our goats. Along the pasture, baby goats are butting heads, jumping from haystacks or racing around to stretch out their legs. With so many new “kids” on the block (the name for baby goats) the excitement and joy they have brought to Kiawah River’s farm and community is priceless.

The farm fields at Kiawah River have been active since the 1600s and are managed by Johns Island families who have farmed for generations. Our community was planned to sustain local farming, welcoming The Goatery to our home while sharing resources with our neighbors. Experience what farm-to-table freshness tastes like by trying the artisan goat cheese! It’s unique taste can only be found here at Kiawah River and it is a product of husbandry of our farm animals. We hope that you have the chance to meet our new baby goats at an upcoming Goat Yoga session or Kiawah River event.

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