Meet Gabriella Andrews, Kiawah River Sales Executive

When you meet Gabriella Andrews, you are greeted with a warm welcome and a big smile that is undeniably contagious. Gaby’s enthusiasm for the Kiawah River vision has made her an invaluable part of the Kiawah River family.   

As a Charleston native, her passion for the Lowcountry is deep in her roots. From catching heavy redfish on the water to navigating trails in her blue Bronco, Gaby is the epitome of the Kiawah River lifestyle.  

Her journey to Kiawah River began when she joined the team in 2019 as a Sales Executive. Her dedication to the community and her team haonly grown more over time.   

Gaby helps buyers align their goals with current real estate opportunities while painting the picture of Kiawah River through the trails and waterways. 

“I love taking visitors on tours and giving them a glimpse of the incredible 2,000-acre vista that may become their backyard,” Gaby said. “The rotation of birdlife, new farm animals, seasonal vegetation, wild meadow flowers, and the variety of wildlife are inspiring.” 

When she is not on a tour, she is busy collaborating with the development team on new neighborhoods, home plans, and designs for the community at the Farmhouse. 

“Sometimes I’m interrupted at work by a flock of Roseate Spoonbills,” Gaby admitted. “When I see them flying past the Farmhouse, it makes me jump up from my desk and run out to the creek to watch them pass by.”  

If she has spare time, she will help deliver produce from the Community Supported Agriculture program at the Kiawah River Farm. Gaby enjoys any chance to check in with the neighbors, especially to see their excitement when they receive the weekly bounty from the Farm.  

“The Kiawah River staff is a close-knit team, and the homeowners have become part of this family,” Gaby said. “We all share a passion and commitment to this special place.”  

Invariably, her residents tend to become her most compelling sales tool to engage with new clients. 

Gaby has an innate desire to share Kiawah River’s natural beauty and authenticity with others. She said she loves witnessing the moment when her clients realize how sincere and real Kiawah River residents are and the moment they begin to envision their lives here. 

Gaby has committed her career to creating a lasting community at Kiawah RiverThe team is incredibly grateful to have her as a teammate and as a great friend.