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Living Outdoors: Meet Kiawah River’s Bluebird Crew

At Kiawah River, our environmentally conscious residents strive to preserve the natural beauty of their surroundings, so much so that some have formed groups dedicated to certain sustainability initiatives. Among these is The Bluebird Crew, a devoted group committed to the conservation and well-being of Kiawah River’s bluebird population.  

The Bluebird Crew was conceived and is led by Jeff Snyder, Kiawah River’s CEO, or Chief Environmental Officer, who collaborates with the development team to ensure a continued focus remains on enhancing the natural elements and creating spontaneous opportunities for natural engagement for residents.  

In 2023, The Bluebird Crew worked to build 74 bird boxes, creating ideal and suitable nesting havens for the community’s bluebirds. These boxes were strategically constructed with an entrance hole to prevent larger birds from taking over the nests – a necessary precaution given the diverse bird population at Kiawah River.  

Beyond the initial construction, The Bluebird Crew is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the boxes to ensure they remain safe, clean and effective for the community’s bluebirds. The results were remarkable, with an estimated 159 baby birds being fostered into the world with help from the Kiawah River community! 

Why are we so interested in providing safe nesting areas for bluebirds throughout Kiawah River? Bluebirds help manage annoying insect populations and eat pests that may damage our crops and gardens. In other words, we rely on Eastern Bluebirds to help protect a vital food source for us humans. Not to mention, bluebirds represent happiness, love, and hope—and we can all appreciate that! 

We are so proud that our residents share such a strong passion for nature and community engagement and can’t wait to see what all The Bluebird Crew accomplishes this year.