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Living Outdoors: Kiawah River’s Aquatic Adventures

With its miles of shoreline and scenic surroundings, Kiawah River is the ideal destination for spending warm summer days on the waterways. Offering amenities for long-time residents and guests seeing it for the first time, Kiawah River has access to the best spots to connect with nature, explore a wild and scenic water trail, catch your supper or relax.

To aid in your exploration of the community’s aquatic activities, we’ve put together a guide. Let’s dive into all that awaits you at Kiawah River.

Whether you were born holding a fly rod or are just getting hooked, the guides at Fly Right Charters at Kiawah River will put you in the right place at the right time, making amateur anglers feel like pros. Due to the vast nature of the Kiawah River, which provides an angler options during both high and low tides, a menu of fly-fishing excursions is offered throughout the day and evening, including inshore fishing to 15 miles offshore. While you watch porpoises feeding, birds diving, and gators sunbathing, expert anglers will help keep your rod tip up and keep the feisty redfish biting.

Crabbing is an unofficial pastime of the coastal South, especially along the Kiawah River shoreline. Ask any local and you’ll learn that beginning late spring and lasting through summer is an especially favorite time of year: soft-shell crab season. Soft-shell crabs are blue crabs that have molted their shells and have not yet grown another one, hence why they are soft on the outside. Because they are soft and pliable, the entire crab can be eaten. Kiawah River offers access to the Lowcountry’s best marshes and piers which are stocked full of “softies” that you can crab on your own.

To explore diverse locations of bird rookeries and find hidden beaches and wildlife like the roseate spoonbill and dolphin pods, Coastal Expeditions at Kiawah River offers a variety of eco-tours via kayaks, canoes, powerboats and paddleboards. Launching directly from our community, the Kiawah River Kayak Tour is perfect for families and provides hours of kayaking amidst abundant wildlife. The Full Moon Kayak Tour, an expedition that takes place once a month when the tides and wildlife react to the pull of the moon, is an ideal way to be a part of the beauty of the Charleston Sea Islands.

The best part of exploring our community by water is  that any adventure you choose will be unforgettable. Whether gliding in a kayak, casting a line or embracing your wild side, an authentic outdoor Kiawah River experience awaits.