Living Outdoors: Kiawah River Wildlife Conservancy

At Kiawah River, we encourage our residents to be “one with nature” and are eager to provide the opportunities for homeowners to get their hands dirty by volunteering with the Kiawah River Wildlife Conservancy.  Founded by Jeff Snyder, Kiawah River’s Chief Environmental Officer, the conservancy offers the rare opportunity for residents to pay homage to Johns Island’s agricultural heritage by contributing to Kiawah River’s self-sustaining community.  

As the South Carolina Lowcountry’s only agrihood, Kiawah River prioritizes residents’ wellness and a strong connection to nature. Members of the Wildlife Conservancy are helping protect the community’s ecosystem by building bird boxes and monitoring nests, as well as tracking data on local bird populations. With guidance from Synder, who has managed the land at Kiawah River for the past two decades, the conservancy plans to begin building owl and bat boxes, clearing trails and tracking butterfly species later this fall. In addition to the conservancy, Synder safeguards the community’s ecosystem through a variety of responsibilities ranging from monitoring crops and testing water quality to protecting the local wildlife and habitats.  

While the conservancy was designed specifically for residents, Kiawah River Farm offers ample opportunities for Lowcountry visitors and volunteers, including The Goatery and Three Gates Cattle. Committed to fostering the idyllic farm-to-table lifestyle, there is no shortage of ways for residents and visitors to participate in Kiawah River’s agrihood community.