Kiawah River Receives Best in American Living Award

Kiawah River is honored to have earned a Best in American Living Award by The National Association of Home Builders for the third year in a row. The Spring House earned the Silver Award in the category “Community Facility, 1000+ Units.” Our team is incredibly proud of this recognition of one of Kiawah River’s amenities by the building industry’s premier residential design awards program.  

Judges of the Best in American Living Awards said, “This is a gorgeous building, featuring great architecture that really fits the area.” Beau Clowney Architects, who designed the building for Kiawah River, was featured in the Preservation Society of Charleston’s newsletter, saying: “Beau Clowney, a sixth-generation South Carolina native, and his business partner, Kate Campbell, have been prolific architects in the Lowcountry for decades. Their work is widely recognized for skillfully blending the old with the new, as well as paying homage to the Southern vernacular style. Kate explained, “I think the reason people come to us is that we create residential and commercial designs that speak to the architecture of Charleston, but work in a modern way.” She further articulated their approach to good design: “While we are not formal Classicists, our designs are inspired by classicism, paying attention to the scale, proportion, detailing and honesty of materials that make older buildings great.” Beau added that Southern architecture is grounded in traditions that go back to the Colonial period and relate to the climate and locale. He said, “These factors are ever-present in our mind when we’re designing. Even if it is new or modern, we are thinking of how the design can be integrated contextually.” [Courtney Theis, Voices of Charleston – Beau Clowney & Kate Campbell,, JANUARY 5, 2022] 

We are thrilled with this recognition and are grateful for the dedication of our skilled team of builders and designers of The Spring House in creating a timeless focal point on the river for our community.