Kiawah River Field Guide: Riverside Day

As the  pleasantly across the Sea Islands this winter, we find ourselves eager to get outside and truly enjoy life along the river. The itinerary below from our Field Guide provides a great sampling of what Kiawah River and the surrounding area has to offer. Don’t have time to spend the whole day exploring the area? Pick and choose a couple of activities to focus on each day, until you’ve checked them all off your list. Or go all-in for the quintessential Lowcountry day.

Walk or bicycle along the Sea Islands Trail to see the earliest sunlight on the river.
Drive out to nearby Rosebank Farms for just-picked produce, and Storey Farms for handmade pies and more artisanal, locally-sourced delicacies. Then order food to-go at one of the gourmet local food trucks, Blackbird Market, or Freshfields Village. (While there, you can also buy a dress at J. McLaughlin, grab a bottle of wine at FortyEight Wine Bar or check out the fishing and paddling gear at Seacoast Sports.)

Unwrap a picnic lunch on the tables at the Farmhouse. Note if the next tide is high or low and adjust afternoon plans. (Daily tide times are online at
Paddle a kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) from the landing at Jack Island.

Play fetch with the dog on one of woodland trails and/or walk a trail with the kids to look for wildflowers, birds, lizards, Spanish moss and Resurrection fern.
Practice fly-fishing casts on the lawn or the Great Salt Pond.

As the sunlight lowers, day’s-end stretching under the oak trees at the Farmhouse.
Roast oysters and boil up some shrimp with friends and family. Or go out for Italian cooking at Wild Olive on Johns Island.