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Insights and Trends: Why Kiawah River is a Real Estate Hot Spot

To kick off the new year, we’re looking back and celebrating a few of Kiawah River’s many successes from 2023. Our community continues to grow year after year, earning new awards and recognitions, welcoming new neighbors and unveiling enhanced amenities that continually elevate our residents’ quality of life and allow them to further embrace outdoor living. In 2023, Kiawah River recorded record-breaking residential sales, selling 63 homes with an average sales price of $1.24 million 

On top of exceptional sales, Kiawah River has become a real estate hot spot due to the community’s numerous distinctive qualities. As the region’s only agrihood, current and prospective homeowners recognize Kiawah River and its ability to deliver a rare living experience. Our community is centered around a working farm with nature and green spaces at every corner, all meant to inspire and promote a more sustainable way of life. 

Each home within Kiawah River is meticulously designed to harken quaint coastal enclaves such as Rockville, SC, while possessing a modern coastal vibe that our residents love. The combination of a picturesque environment, beautiful architecture, sustainability initiatives and a supportive community creates an incredibly appealing place to live – just ask some Kiawah River neighbors. 

With The Dunlin Auberge Resorts Collection opening this summer, Kiawah River will emerge as a resort community along the water, elevating and strengthening its appeal as a place to live as well as a true lifestyle destination.  

Kiawah River stands as a beacon of desirable living in the Lowcountry, and we can’t wait to see what the new year holds for every aspect of our community.