Heritage Fire is Coming to Kiawah River on December 8

Heritage Fire, a nationwide food and wine tour, is a culinary celebration paying homage to the timeless art of live-fire cooking—bringing together renowned local chefs and passionate food enthusiasts in a vibrant gathering. This year, the Charleston stop on the tour takes place at Kiawah River on Sunday, December 8. Chefs will demonstrate their skills over open fire, transforming high-quality, locally sourced ingredients into mouthwatering dishes that honor the region’s rich culinary heritage. The event not only showcases the mastery of open-flame cooking techniques but also serves as a testament to gastronomic traditions that bind communities together.

Attendees will enjoy an all-inclusive feast focusing on diverse cuisine and craft cocktails that highlight locally sourced ingredients, heritage breeds, and heirloom produce. After sampling all the dishes of the day, each guest will have an opportunity to cast a vote for the “Best Bite of the Day”, with the chef garnering the most votes winning the honor of Heritage Hero.

Interested in experiencing some of the best open-fire dishes in one of Charleston’s most breathtaking outdoor settings? Find out more and purchase tickets at Heritage Fire’s website.