Harvesting Hope & Community in a Year of Uncertainty

Despite all odds, 2020 is a year we are grateful for. Considering all that has happened all around us in 2020, we nevertheless feel so blessed to be a part of Kiawah River. Now more than ever, the peace and serenity of our community has been a remarkable salve amidst an uncertain year. From breaking ground on amenities and Kiawah River Farm to welcoming new neighbors, we are grateful for how much good could come out of this year with your support. 

Kiawah River grew in many ways… 

More than 19 new Kiawah River team members  

57 total families, more than 15 full-time residents, and 61 grandkids (and counting) 

10 builders on-site with 30 homes completed 

More than 200 new oak trees planted 

75 species of native wildflowers and grasses planted 

21 cows and 10 on the way  

New Kiawah River Farm animals including the miniature donkeys, kune kune pigs and chickens  

150 goats with new kids expected to arrive in the spring  

Two bald eagle families back in residence  

1,400 carp, blue gill and large mouth bass thriving in Jack’s Pond  

Five beehives with 12 gallons of honey 


There have been many changes in our community and we know that 2021 will only bring more!  

Among these improvements was the groundbreaking of the anticipated Spring House, a waterfront swim and fitness facility, and the first significant community amenity. The 9,000-square-foot provision will eventually serve as a gathering place with a junior Olympic-sized family pool and an adult pool, a full-service kitchen and shaded bar with pool-side dining and programming that caters to a variety of preferences for health, fitness and recreation. The Outfitter Shop will also break ground this month, and we are excited for what these facilities will bring! By the end of Summer, these new amenities will open up more ways to engage with the river, your health and fitness, and finally social opportunities over bites and beverages poolside.   

Kiawah River’s residential Angler Cabins were recently announced near the end of the year. The limited collection of fully furnished turn-key cabins is the latest addition to Kiawah River’s diverse options of waterfront, wooded, village homes and homesites. We look forward to welcoming neighbors who will use it as an ideal home base for weekend getaways and Lowcountry adventures on the water.  

We are embracing the wild as we prepare for the new beginnings of 2021. Our friends and family are taking to nature and the water to reflect and find peace in the craziness. Being outdoors reminds us to unplug and unwind and that  

We’re confident that the best is yet ahead, and we’re thankful to our neighbors and team members for helping keep the spirit of Kiawah River’s community alive no matter what.  

As you embrace 2021, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the wild and listen to the birds and critters in the forest, or maybe pour yourself a glass of wine on your porch and feel the sea breeze come in. Think about what you’re excited for this year to bring and be curiously optimistic for what’s ahead, knowing that the best is always yet to come.  

Cheers to you and your family, we wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to sharing the great things ahead! 

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