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Dwell: Curating Local Art for Your Riverside Escape

The Lowcountry boasts a thriving art community, with galleries and art markets showcasing the talents of both established and emerging creatives. From vibrant coastal landscapes reflective of scenes at Kiawah River to contemporary masterpieces, the Charleston region offers a range of artwork that can transform your Kiawah River home into a gallery of exquisite beauty.

With natural beauty already surrounding all the homes in Kiawah River, decorating your home’s interior with local art is the perfect way to add a touch of regional charm and complement the laid-back ambiance of coastal living. Below, we’ve listed a few sea islands art galleries and artists whose creations can add a touch of local flair to your home.

Stono Art Gallery – Stono Art Gallery on Johns Island offers Lowcountry and International fine art, sculptures and jewelry, as well as an exceptional bistro café with some of the best coffee and espresso on the sea islands. A piece from the gallery is the perfect final touch for your Kiawah River home as visitors have praised the gallery for its unique pieces that cater to all artistic preferences.

Lowcountry Artists Gallery – Founded in 1982, the Lowcountry Artists Gallery is the oldest artist-owned fine art gallery in Charleston, South Carolina. The gallery is managed and curated by nine national and internationally renowned artists, along with 20 guest artists exhibiting original paintings, photography, prints, sculpture and jewelry. Featuring traditional Lowcountry scenes and landscapes and contemporary, abstract, still life and figurative work, the options are endless for your home’s newest décor.

Sandpiper Gallery – Located on Sullivan’s Island just a little across the way from Kiawah River, Sandpiper Gallery is a well-established art gallery that features works from local and regional artists. Known for the eclectic and wide range of unforgettable work, Sandpiper Gallery showcases paintings, sculptures, ceramics and even hosts monthly exhibitions.

Charleston Artist Collective This web-based platform allows local artists to practice their craft while providing new and experienced collectors access to original art at an affordable price. Each month, the artists in the Collective create works based on a theme. The paintings are sold online and 10% of sales are donated to a designated local charity. 

Blakely Made – Blakely Made is owned by Blakely Little who specializes in oil paintings. Inspired by the local waters and her own travels, Blakely loves to behold her surroundings and depict them in her own unique way on a canvas.

No matter what type of art you choose for your riverside escape, curating local pieces is a wonderful way for Kiawah River residents to pay homage to the Lowcountry’s culture, history and natural beauty.