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Community Spotlight: Why Your Kiawah River Neighbors Love Living in an Agrihood

Have you seen Kiawah River recently featured in a Modern Farmer article titled, “Moving into the Agrihood?” In this piece, journalist Kirsten Lie-Nielson highlights what makes Kiawah River a flourishing agrihood, from residents’ convenient access to fresh produce to the countless opportunities to volunteer within the community, and much more. 

Agrihoods are a unique concept, one that many may not know much about, so to truly understand the full allure of Kiawah River, it’s essential to understand the history of an agrihood.  

An agrihood is a residential community that blends agricultural elements and sustainable farming practices into its design. The term emerged from a desire to reconnect with nature while fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and community, which is exactly what Kiawah River’s residents have the ability to do each and every day. Agrihoods reimagine the suburban landscape, prioritizing sustainability and promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

As the concept continues to evolve, communities like Kiawah River serve as vibrant examples of their success and appeal. 

In Kirsten’s article, she additionally touches on some of the reasons why your Kiawah River neighbors love living in an agrihood (and yes, we know there are many more reasons!).  

Here’s what they had to say… 

“The people here are so kind and fun. I had heard of an agrihood before, but I wasn’t really familiar with the concept. When I stepped foot on the property, I knew it was for me.” -Dana Berg 

“The eggs are simply amazing. Access to the fresh vegetables is so unique.” -Lindsay Cobb 

“I have never seen a group of people so friendly.” -Barbara Viverito 

Because of the community that has been created, neighbors have become friends and Kiawah River has become a forever home for so many. We are endlessly thankful for the support of our residents and visitors that make Kiawah River all that it is!