Around the Campfire: The Tale of the Gray Man

Some days when the clouds get dark and the winds grow stronger, Lowcountry residents naturally wonder if the next storm is brewing. But fear not, because a helpful ghost just may be out there to warn residents of incoming severe storms.  

A shadowy figure, known as the Gray Man, is said to keep the homes of those who spot him safe from storms. Legend holds that the Gray Man is the spirit of a young man who was traveling from Charleston to see his fiancé on Pawleys Island in South Carolina in 1822. However, the man’s horse unexpectedly got caught in pluff mud causing him to slowly sink and drown. 

One night shortly after the man’s tragic death, his fiancé saw a man standing on the beach dressed in all gray. As she got closer, she recognized the man as the spirit of her fiancé, and he alerted her that the island was not safe and that she should evacuate immediately. Trusting the spirit, the woman and her family left the island the next morning.  

When they returned after the storm, they were devastated to see that nearly everything on the island was destroyed but their home was still standing. Since then, the Gray Man has allegedly been spotted before major hurricanes, when he saves those who he encounters.  

So, when you notice the next storm looming, keep an eye out for a man wearing gray clothing and a long coat because he may just be the protection your home needs to weather the storm.