Kiawah River 2020 Events

Whether you’re interested in adventurous excursions, experiencing community or rejuvenating your personal wellness, enjoy this year’s wildly fun events at Kiawah River. Bring your family, friends and furry friends along for timeless memories…


February 17: Coastal Expeditions President’s Day Paddle

February 22: Coastal Expeditions Dolphin Paddle

March - April

March 5 and 8: Charleston Wine & Food Festival at Kiawah River

March 7: Coastal Expeditions Full Moon Paddle + Hike

April: Kiawah River Virtual Home Tours

May - June

May 18: Full Day Dolphin Paddle to Captain Sam’s Spit

June 11: Bird Key Baby Pelican Cruise

June 27: Bird Key Baby Pelican Cruise

July - November

(Tentative Date) July 2: Summer Tour of Homes + Food Truck Park

July 10: Bird Key Baby Pelican Cruise

July 14: Captian Spit Sunrise Paddle

July 15: Paddle & Hike

July 16: Kayak Tour

July 17: Sunrise Kayak Tour & Hike

July 18: Sunrise Spoonbills Paddle & Hike

July 20-31: Kayak Tour Adventure

August 1: Sunrise Kayak Tour

August 3-5: Kayak Tour Adventure

August 6: Full Day Captain Sam Spit Tour

August 11-15: Kayak Tour Adventure

August 16: Sunset Kayak Tour

October 17: Run Like the Devil Race with Charleston Collegiate School