charleston sea islands

Carter Redd

Kiawah River, Managing Director

I always leave more inspired than when I arrive.

Our vision for Kiawah River is of a timeless maritime village, a gentle place for families and friends you already know, and others you’ll surely want to get to know. With thoughtful, hand crafted homes washed in whites and soft grays, Kiawah River is evolving carefully and deliberately.

We’re dedicated to preserving the historic significance of Johns Island, focusing on the cultural heritage here while designing the public realm at Kiawah River. It’s all part of the desire to create something greater than ourselves here – to create a community.

After a day exploring the land and diverse shorelines, I always leave more inspired than when I arrive, amazed by the endless discoveries that I find just around the bend of the river or along the oak draped trails. I find these moments to be remarkably stimulating and at the same time calming and renewing as my own pace and cadence slows to pay close attention to the myriad of things going on around me. It brings me great joy to share these memories with my family now. I am equally eager to share this remarkable place with other families and friends, so all can begin their own discovery, renewal, and memory making.