Meet Carter Redd, Managing Director of Kiawah River

“Nearly daily, my walks around Kiawah River include encounters with my neighbors and this connectivity is, for me,  the greatest amenity there is.”

As the Managing Director of Kiawah River, Carter Redd oversees all facets of the  2,000-acre master-planned community. His experience creating value through experiential hospitality made him the right fit when he was recruited and began working for the project in 2016.

Carter was attracted to Kiawah River when The Beach Company CEO, John Darby, approached him about the opportunity and shared his passion for the land and the incredible vision he had for the community. “I was hooked like  big red fish,” Carter said.

Carter now resides in a Kiawah River cottage next to Oak Park with his wife, Gracie, and dog, Sallie. His two daughters are Cooper, who is starting at the University of South Carolina this fall, and Taylor, who is rising third-year at Yale University.

What is your role and what is something interesting about your job?

My title is Managing Director, but on any given day I am a housekeeper, an amateur land planner and architect, an ad hoc member of the sales and marketing team, an unqualified biologist and environmentalist, and finally a dreamer aspiring to be a visionary.

What’s interesting about Kiawah River is that no two days are ever the same. This is certainly true for most any new community, but it’s different at Kiawah River because nature plays the lead role and provides overarching influence throughout.

What is your favorite aspect about Kiawah River?

With the natural environment a close second, my favorite is surely all the wonderful people associated with our community, beginning with our extraordinary, talented team. Additionally, the relationships we’ve developed over the years with our acclaimed designers, engineers, and home builders – all passionate people and great problem solvers. Finally, our new property owners, with their diverse and varied backgrounds.  Everyone here is super relaxed and kind and considerate. Further, they are fun and lighthearted. I find it to be a wonderful mosaic that makes the community so interesting. The personalities throughout the community are also just so appealing.

What is your favorite activity?

It’s hard to nail down one, but all of them happen in the early morning or early evening. During cooler months, bonfires at the Cookhouse just make me happy. Morning jogs along Kiawah River Drive or one of our trails never bore with so many cool distractions from my exercise misery. Finally, having dinner with my family on our porch overlooking Oak Park is another one of my favorite pastimes. Being outdoors and together with family is my nirvana.

Describe your home and your off-work lifestyle at Kiawah River.

The “Treehouse,” our Kiawah River cottage, is a 3-bedroom charmer along Oak Park, built by Saussy Burbank. We absolutely adore our home and with both daughters home from school, our cottage has been an oasis. Designed with double porches overlooking the park, we tend to keep windows and doors thrown open to enjoy cool breezes and embrace the great outdoors. Our Florida and island roots are apparent as we embraced lots of color, as well as use of sea grass flooring, grass cloth wallpaper and watercolor artwork. And like any great retreat, we’ve created multiple places for outdoor reading and napping including a big hanging outdoor daybed that is eye level with surrounding Grand Oak tree canopy.

What makes Kiawah River different?

What’s so great is the common thread that all property owners and my team all share and that is living simply and well amidst unparalleled natural beauty. Everyone gets childlike and giddy at the sight of a pink spoonbill.