Kiawah River Farm Debuts Fresh Arrivals to Community Agriculture Program

Kiawah River Farm’s Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program is launching this season! Kiawah River Farm is teaming up with local purveyors like The Goatery, Storey Farms, Sea Island Organics Elderberry Syrup and Charleston Cheese Company to bring a variety of weekly deliveries from the harvests of our community farmers and makers run by the Lowcountry Farm Conservation. 

Recently featured in Charleston Magazine as the Lowcountry’s first agrihood, Kiawah River Farm epitomizes responsible living through its sustainable lifestyle. Kiawah River residents can fully embrace outdoor living and the farm-to-table lifestyle our community offers with fresh, seasonal produce at their doorsteps to cook healthy meals with ease and convenience. Access to local food sources allows our residents to sustain local farming, support the local economy and embrace a healthy lifestyle.  

Every week, residents can sign up to receive a variety of seasonal produce and goods from the community by simplreserving CSA bag online. Orders are taken by end-of-day the Friday beforeand bags will be delivered to homes on Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. Check back weekly to sign up for additional delivery dates as well as more locally sourced items like meat and various dairy products.  

From our dedicated farmers and herdsmen to our busy honeybees, we invite you to enjoy the bounty from our hardworking team members who are bringing the Kiawah River Farm to life!